September 2008

Hello our wonderful friends and family. We hope that things are going well for you. It is so hard to be so far apart, but thank God for the Internet that helps us stay connected. We so appreciate you and we wanted to share a little bit about how things are going here in Costa Rica!

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) comes to a close
And the students leave for outreach in Panama and Nicaragua

It is hard to believe that the DTS lecture phase has come to a close but it has. It has been amazing the last three months watching these students wrestle with new concepts about who God is. What a priviledge to be able to see God opening their eyes to say, “Wow, God is way bigger than I thought He was.” Their lives have been changed as they’ve allowed Jesus to take control.
Right now the students are finishing NIKO in the jungle of Talamanca where they learn about teamwork, leadership and overcoming obstacles. Following the NIKO the students will begin their outreach in Panama where they will work with an indegenous tribe for one month and then continue on to work with the poor in Nicaragua. Keep this special group in your prayers!

A Beach Baptism
Alive with Christ
by Scott
At about the end of the first month of the DTS we talked about baptism and what it symbolizes. It signifies dying to your old life and being resurrected into a new life with Christ. Eight people decided they wanted to be baptized.
We finally got a chance in the last week of the school to go to a beautiful beach in Costa Rica and do this. My best friend Spencer and I baptised 7 students and 2 staff members. It was such a special time to see these guys make a public proclamation of their faith. Kai and his best friend Lukey (Spencer’s son) came along and had a great time enjoying the beach!
Border Crossing…Again
This time Nicaragua
It’s that time again. We had to leave the country again for our visas. A relatively simple process that is made slightly more complicated with three little ones. It’s pretty stressful getting through the border, especially the amount of people that want to “help” and be paid for their “services.” This time we chose to head to Nicaragua

and we drove our van (which we bought a few months ago – thank you to Joan and Floris and Kyle and Rachel!) We were also able to take two other staff members who needed to renew their visas as well (Ana Cristina and Ariana). We stayed at the YWAM Nicaragua base which is a really neat place. They are located in the midst of a very poor area (barrio) and have a school for the kids in the barrio located on their property. The boys had fun running around on the property, chasing the dogs and taking a day trip into Granada to see the city.

Mini Freemans
Kai, Ezzy and Jude, los tres amigos
The boys are doing really good. This month everyone has been healthy, thank you for your prayers! We celebrated Costa Rican Independence day – this includes a festival of lanterns and special school activities. The boys each performed special dances with their classmates. It was really neat for us to see them performing and a real cultural experience. The bilingual process is really happening and it is so cool to see them speaking and understanding the Spanish language! Jude decided to start walking last week and now he’s unstoppable. It is very cute! We’re so blessed with these three amazing boys who have really adapted to a whole new culture and language. We’re so proud of them.
(The pictures are: “Three boys in a tub,” “Ezzy dressed as a Tico,” “Kai performing his dance,” “Scott and his boys,” and “Jude’s first steps.”

Coming up…
Two new staff and a new focus

On Saturday Rachel Grimes arrives, and on Tuesday Jessilyn Million. These are two staff members that have committed to join our team here in Costa Rica to pioneer the first Children at Risk training school in Central America for Youth With A Mission. We are so excited and anticipating their arrival. We will take the next two months to work together as a team to seek the Lord about His purposes for this training program, make preparations and make connections – with the goal of seeing many children’s lives rescued and restored to what God has intended for them. We are excited to switch gears and begin focusing on what God brought us to Costa Rica to do – raising up and training leaders to champion the cause of children at risk in Latin America.
Thank you so much for being behind us and supporting our work in Costa Rica. You mean so much to us.

With Love,

Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezzy and Jude

The Freeman Family


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