October News

The Freeman Family
Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezzy and Jude serving with YWAM in Costa Rica

Dear Scott & Leslie,

Wet feet, runny noses, mildew, thunder and lightning. Even though it is the height of the rainy season in Costa Rica, we still have been able to enjoy some sunshiney mornings and nice temperatures. We sure can’t complain! How was your October? We enjoy keeping in touch through facebook and email and are looking forward to a visit to California in December and a chance to reconnect!

It’s been an encouraging month for us, read on…

Our new staff team
Jessi and Rachel join the Children at Risk School staff team

Jessi and Rachel joined up with us the end of September. We’ve had this month to really focus and work together preparing for the children at risk school that will be in January. It’s been a really great time for us to process, pray and prepare, as well as visit ministry sites and make connections. We’ve also been able to take Spanish lessons twice a week, which has been a huge help too.

We feel so blessed to have such competent, enthusiastic and committed staff. We couldn’t do it without them! Thanks Jessi and Rachel for stepping out in faith and making the leap to come and serve with YWAM San Jose. 🙂

DTS outreach in Panama

The DTS that Scott led finished their lecture phase and spent October in Panama as part of their outreach phase. The team of young people lived with an indigenous tribe and served them with their hearts and hands. Through practical work they showed their love, helping with a water purification project and other construction projects. They also spent time reaching out to the children using dramas, dances and songs as well as just playing and loving them. The group also had opportunities to share the love of Christ by holding workshops focused on questions about faith that the tribe had. It was a time that they will never forget. We love this group of young people so much. They came back through San Jose and we spent two days with them helping them prepare for their final month of outreach in Talamanca,Costa Rica.

Our Family
“Mema” comes to visit
Leslie’s mom came for a visit this month. It was so wonderful to see her and especially for the boys to have time with their Mema. Thanks for coming, mom, we miss you already!

The boys are doing good. Jude fell out of a swing and had to get stitches (actually about 5 minutes after this picture was taken). It was really scary for us, but he’s doing fine now.

He’s walking all around now and acting more like a ‘big boy’ instead of a baby. Kai and Ezzy are enjoying school and speaking more Spanish every day. They definitely keep us busy!

With Love,
Scott & Leslie Freeman

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