February 2009


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Freeman Family News
February 2009
Untitled-1.jpg Dear {First_Name}, Valentines Day, a new school year, Kai’s birthday and an expanding vocabulary for Jude.  These are some of the highlights of our month.  We’re half way through the lecture phase of the Children at Risk school and exciting things are happening each day!
This Is Our Newsletter!

Children at Risk School


“How is the children at risk school going?”  We’re getting this question a lot these days, and the truth is it’s going better than we could have imagined.  Each week we are having experienced, highly trained experts teaching crucial information.  This month they learned about city wide strategies from Greg Burch, alternatives to residential care from Phil Aspegren and the Casa Viva Team, Attachment Disorders from Carol Boyd and foundations for building a ministry and working with street children from Steve Bartel.  The teachers are exceeding our expectations. 


On top of that the students are spending their afternoons in Los Guidos, an area of extreme need, reaching out to and building relationships with the kids there, as well as giving respite to the overworked staff of Angelitos, who work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. caring for children at risk.  We’re planning and prepping for the 6 month internship that starts in April.  The students will work with street children in Colombia with Steve Bartel.  This is an opportunity for them to put into practice what they are learning as well as continue learning through mentoring and hands-on training.  The next three months will be in Jaco, helping to lay the foundations for a new ministry there.  

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A New Project on the Horizon! 

We want to thank our prayer team for standing with us in prayer about a possible project opportunity in Jaco, an area known for sex & drug trafficking and tourism.  We are just in the preliminary stages of investigation, to read more and pray with us, visit our blog site to read the prayer need:



IMGP4933.JPG                                     Click here for more…

Our Family  February was a big month for our boys.  Kai turned six and we celebrated with a homemade “Narnia” party.  It was fun to put our creative energies into making it a special day.  A new school year started.  Kai is now in “Preparatory” which is somewhat equivalent to Kindergarten, and Ezra is in “Pre-Kinder,” which is basically preschool.  They attend school from 8 – 12:30 each day and it’s a chance for them to speak Spanish, have fun and learn new things.  They transitioned into a new school year amazingly well!  Thanks again for all the prayers.             IMGP4868.JPG IMGP4902.JPG IMGP4945.JPG 
Thank you for reading about our lives, being our friends and praying for us.  A few other thing to pray about are our visa process and health insurance needs.Send us an email or facebook and let us know how your month was and how we can pray for you also. Much Love, Besos y Abrazos,

Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezzy, Jude 🙂


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