April/May 2009

April/May 2009

Freeman Happenings


Scott and his brothers Jeff and Willy at their parents 50th anniversary celebration. 


Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezzy and Jude… and one more on the way!


Renate on her internship in Colombia, picking up children from the streets to come to the drop-in center.

A Celebration like no other Scott’s parents have left quite a legacy.  Through 50 years of marriage they have touched so many lives and filled so many hearts with love, healing and restoration.  Being at their 50th anniversary celebration in California this April, we heard testimony after testimony of family and friends from far and wide all full of gratitude and thankfulness for the lives of Floyd and Arliss Freeman. 

Scott remains one of the most thankful.  He was the first to share and told how his mom and dad stood by him, prayed for him and never lost faith in him throughout his 8 years on drugs.  It’s through their faith and prayers and the power of our God that he is where he is today!  He also sang a song of thanks, and it was hard to keep tears out of our eyes.  Floyd and Arliss, mom and dad, grandma and papa, thank you so much, we love you more than you will ever know!!!

 Five Freemans… soon to be Six!! 

That’s right!  There’s another baby on the way, due in November.  We are thrilled and excited about this new addition, and we will keep you updated as we progress 🙂  The BIG question of course is, will this little one be a BOY or a GIRL???  We are really happy either way, but we’ll let you know when we know! 🙂

 Teams and Preparations

Right now we have a team in Colombia doing amazing work with children from the streets there – several of them are working in a remedial school, helping the children catch up their academics, as well as working through all kinds of behavior problems, it’s a big job!  Others are working in a health clinic, a slum and safe house.  It’s wonderful to hear these reports from our very first children at risk field assignment and we are preparing for their next phase in Jaco, Costa Rica starting in June.  Scott is also getting ready for the next Compassion DTS coming up – staff training is just around the corner.  Also he’ll be teaching a week on the nature and character of God and there’s a lot of work to prepare for his first time teaching this subject.  Keep him in your prayers!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our happenings.  We’d love to hear what’s happening with you, too! 🙂 

With Love,

Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezra and Jude


We have a new missions account! You can still send support through Calvary Assembly, but if you would like to receive a tax-deductible receipt in the mail, please use our YWAM account:Make a check out to “YWAM” and send it to: YWAM EPJ; 4444 Edgar Park Ave.; El Paso, TX 79904 include a note, “for the support of Scott and Leslie Freeman”  You can also donate online through PayPal on our blog site:  www.fivefreemans.wordpress.com
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