Leaving our home, friends and family is part of the sacrifice of serving overseas.  And the struggle is that we miss you and we want to stay connected.  Your letters, emails and encouragement mean more to us than you know.  We truly need people to encourage us, write us, call us and just generally love us!   Or better yet, come visit!



One Response to Friends!

  1. Daniel and Chloe Murdoch says:

    Hey Scott and Leslie,
    We miss your smiles and would like to stay connected. Chloe and I are having a baby in January and plan to move down to jaco area sometime late February. We want to connect with you guys and help out with the ministry there in jaco. It was such a blessing to connect at the woman and children advocacy conference thrown on by you guys at radical a while back and it was amazing confirmation that that the Lord is calling us to finally move down and join with you in an effort to see the Kingdom of our Lord reign in jaco and the heart of the destitute. Chloe and I spent the morning reading your website and were so blessed by what you had to say, your vision and heart for the needy and broken. Over the past few years God has been molding us for the express purpose to be a witness to His love there in cr and has breathed into our hearts a beautiful vision to provide a way for woman and children and families to break the cycle of poverty and brokeness, especially as it relates to the areas of sexual exploitation and addictions. It is such a joy to know that you guys are doing just that and want to come alongside of you and what your doing and hopefully develop means by which Christs love can extend further. We have so many questions for you it would probably be easier and more profitable to talk thru skype. We are wondering if there would be benefit to joining you under the ywam banner and if that would be inline with what we are envisioning, which admittedly is evolving as the Lord leads and connects us with individuals like yourselves. Our skype name is Chloe Murdoch or you can reach me on my cell at (805)680-4074.
    Thanks friends, we hope to talk soon.

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