Ministry History: Scott


Thailand, India

Leading youth teams (Service projects, evangelism)



Teaching English


Caring for orphans with disabilities


Teaching children with multiple and/or severe disabilities

San Diego, California

Teaching Bible Seminars


Primary Health Care Clinics

South Africa

Training leaders to work with children at risk (Staff of Youth With A Mission‘s Children at Risk School)

Kona, Hawaii


Training and Education

Bachelor of Science in social services from University of the Nations



 Scott has had a specific focus on children at risk since 1998. God spoke to him through a Korean girl who had been abandoned, and as Scott cried out to God to send people to help kids like her – God challenged him to get involved. This broke the belief he had held to, that working with children was women’s work and He showed Scott the gifts he had been given to impact kids. Scott’s passion is to see children come to understand their value. He loves the transformation of a person changing from someone who doesn’t believe in himself to a confident individual knowing their value.

 Scott completed his Bachelor of Social Services – with an emphasis on Children at Risk. He has also been both faculty on and directed the University of the the Nations course – on Children at Risk four times. (This is a 9 month course that trains people to work with children in difficult situations, including children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused, living on the streets, exploited, etc.).  In addition Scott has directed University of the Nations Discipleship Training Schools 4 times and been faculty 3 times. (The Discipleship Training School is a 5 month program with a 3 month lecture phase and 2 month outreach phase.  The focus is on knowing God and then making Him known). He worked four years as a special needs teacher both in the US and overseas. He has worked in China, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, India, Norway and South Africa.  He is skilled in working cross culturally with youth, doing intentional discipleship and helping youth with educational challenges. Scott continues to serve on the Leadership Team of YWAM San Jose where he and Leslie were on staff for three years. (Youth With A Mission is an international, nondenominational missions organization).


One Response to Scott

  1. Liz says:

    Impressive! so happy you and Leslie found each other. I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law

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