Costa Rica’s Independence Day!

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I felt like a cheer-leader this morning. Walking alongside kids in the parade, cheering, snapping their photos, greeting moms, squealing about how cute their kids are.

My boys rushed ahead of me pointing out friends, “There’s so-and-so!” “Look mom, over there – it’s this and that person!”

Community events are great. It’s a chance to let children shine and show the families how much we value them and their children.

When you’re marching in a parade, it’s really special to look out in the crowd and see someone you know, smiling, giving you a thumbs up, cheering for you. Those are important things in the life of a child. Those are things that build up, that stick with, that build their self worth and view of themselves. Small things, but consistently, over time, these are things that change a life.


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