To Be a Child

I picked up a ten year old boy today and as he climbed into the van he gave a hearty sigh of contentment.

“It’s nice to be here alone and I don’t have to take care of any kids.”

This boy is responsible for his two little brothers and little cousins. It’s a big responsibility. His club gives him a chance to do something special just for him. This is his time and he knows it – it feels good. His smile in these photos shows it, too. He’s only 10, and at club, he gets to be the child that he needs to be.

We have 52 children enrolled in the program receiving a special club focusing on art, creativity, friendship, social skills, child development and above all Jesus. This is a time for them to get the one-on-one attention they need, love poured in, acceptance, kindness, patience and all those things that they need and aren’t receiving. They are learning what it means to be a friend, how to pray for each other, how to laugh and play instead of fight and more.

Each child also receives a one-on-one or small group tutoring session. Their confidence is building and they are passing exams and classes they were failing before. Many have hope that they will be able to pass their grade level, where before they felt a sinking weight of impossibility. They’re doing it! With help and encouragement, each child receiving tutoring has made drastic improvement in school, and this new found confidence improves all other areas of their life as well.

Here are photos of our clubs in their new location, with new volunteers, re-organized, more focused and better than ever.

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