I Thought She Was Going To Die

Do you remember my beautiful friend Karina?

If you saw her today, you wouldn’t recognize her.

You see, she’s been really sick, almost to the point of death. And now she is so thin, her clothes hang off of her, her eyes are sunken in, and she’s been so weak she can barely move.

It all started the beginning of June.

Together with another neighbor, we were planning a project with Karina called, “Manos de Dios,” which means “Hands of God.” Karina was going to start an in-home daycare. Sarah had a team come and build a cute, white picket fence around her yard. I had donations ready to go, and trainings in place so she would be trained in child development and caring for children.

The plan was more than just a business for Karina to be self-sustainable. It was going to be a light house for her community, modeling the value of children to the neighborhood. It was going to be a safe place for young children while their parents were working, and a way for Karina to provide for herself and her family. Everything was in place, ready to go. The date was set. Fliers made.

And then Karina got sick.

She got Dengue fever and started losing weight rapidly. She had diarrhea and vomiting so bad she would pass out just trying to get to the bathroom.

It was so horrible.

Then she started to get better but just never fully recovered. She got weaker and weaker, thinner and thinner. To the point that two weeks ago, I was scared when I saw her because I thought she was going to die.

That’s when Sarah stepped in and took her to a private clinic. The public clinic just wasn’t doing anything for her. Sarah took her in and her sugar was so high she was about to have kidney failure. She stayed in that clinic for hours with insulin pouring into her veins, just trying to regulate her blood sugar.

Now she’s on the road to recovery. But it’s slow. She has diabetes. This is a life style adjustment. Karina has to learn a new diet and new way of living dealing with this illness. She also has temporary blindness right now related to her elevated sugar which impairs all areas of her life.

In the midst of all of this Karina has been working cleaning a hotel. It’s a hotel that rents by the hour in one of the worst spots in town. But she’s getting by, barely.

One of the things that’s hard right now is every time she needs to check her blood sugar she has to go all the way across town to the clinic. The nurses at the clinic have encouraged her to try to get her own gluco-meter in home so she can test her own sugar. But this costs about $60. Way more than she has.

“…you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it.” ~ James 4:2

We’re asking God for a Gluco-meter for Karina, specifically today.

We’re asking for more than just that, though. We’re asking for healing and health. For the promise of God who says He works all things together for good. We’re asking for Karina’s blood sugar to stabilize so we can move forward with the vision of “Manos de Dios.”

We’re asking for God to continue pouring His spirit on this family that they would be strengthened and sustained and a light for their community.

But today, just for today, we need a glucometer.

If you would like to give towards this or towards Manos de Dios, you can do that here:

~Thank you and God bless~!


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