A Question and an Answer

Questions are so great aren’t they?

We have really appreciated and valued people who have been able to ask the hard questions in our lives and ministry. It helps us to consider things we haven’t thought of. Or to challenge our thinking on areas we are weak in. Questions are just really, really good things.

We received a challenging question after our latest update was sent out. I thought that if one person is asking this question perhaps other are too?

Here’s the Question:

Scott and Leslie,

It is very admirable, and God/Jesus spirited, for you to be able to provide a safe developmental environment for children; however, one of the things I see missing is the provision for these children once they grow up.

Have either of you thought of job development or educational tools to help children learn skills for future employment?  Just trying to think of your concept from a wholistic perspective.

God’s Blessings to you and your family.

And our answer:

Thank you so much for your response and thoughts. We appreciate any input you all can offer. What happens to these children in adulthood is something very much on our minds.

These are our thoughts about it so far. Let us know if you have any advice.

We work very closely with another program called “Bridges of Hope” which is a ministry of the church we attend. A big part of what we do is helping plug these children into the church community. Then when they turn 12 we help them to transition into Bridges of Hope. The boys attend a woodshop where they learn woodworking skills and receive a small income to help with school fees. They also provide discipleship, mentoring and tutoring. The girls learn jewelry making. As much as we can, we support this project for the youth.

As far as working with the children, we focus more on “soft skills” (defined as general, non technical abilities such as solid work ethic, the ability to function in a team, strong communication skills, etc.) If the children can grow in these areas it will increase their opportunities for employment in whatever area they end up in. And these are the very areas that are not being taught in school or home, so when they are with us, it is really the only time they see these things modeled and emphasized. We hope it will be enough to be a foundation for whatever interest they pursue. We also are very committed to helping these children stay in school. Many are several grade levels behind so we provide tutoring and attention to help them get caught up. We also teach English which will be very helpful with any job.

We would love to hear your thoughts,

Thank you so much,

Scott and Leslie

Does anyone else have questions? Please feel free to send them along, (fivefreemans@gmail.com). We are more than happy to answer to the best of our ability. And if we can’t then it challenges us to think through that area of the ministry.

Thanks for being a part of our work. We consider you very much a part of this team and welcome your input in all things.


One Response to A Question and an Answer

  1. Annie says:

    I just watched your video and I loved it! I’m so excited for your dream and seeing it become reality. Here’s the question that came to my mind as I saw your video (because of a situation we have here). Is the land you want to purchase zoned for what you want to do? Sometimes there isn’t any problem when you start, but you can run into problems later.

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