This is our friend Yacser. He grew up in Nicaragua with his aunts and uncles while his mom and dad worked in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Finally, when he was 12 his parents were able to have Yacser and his brother Cristiam come and live with them. This was a huge adjustment for them coming from their village life in Nicaragua to the city of Jaco.

Now Yacser is 13. We’ve been friends with him for a year and a half now. As you can see our children love him and he’s become like part of the family. Most recently we’ve been trying to get him into school. (We’re close!) In the meantime he’s started a discipleship and woodworking program called Bridges of Hope. Through that program he’s also become part of the youth group and church body. He loves it! And we love seeing him spending more time off the streets in a positive environment, learning a skill he enjoys and supporting him as he’s building a relationship with the Lord.

Last week after church they were having a baptism. Yacser decided he wanted to be baptised, too!

He we are all sharing lunch together after church

And walking to the beach for the baptism.

It was so beautiful to see the entire church surround him and pray for him and to celebrate his new life in Christ! We are so happy to see how far he’s come in just the year and a half that we’ve known him.   And we’re excited to keep walking beside him as he grows in his faith. We hope for many, many more like him to come.

We love this boy so much!

Thank you for supporting us and helping us be a part of his life and so many others here in Jaco.

Much love,

Scott and Leslie


One Response to Yacser

  1. Michelle C says:

    Yay Yacser! YAY GOD!!

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