Kids Clubs ~ Making it Work

“And we know that in all things God work for the good of those who love Him.” ~ Romans 8:28

As many of you know we recently lost our location. This means the drop-in and skating component of the ministry is no longer possible. BUT, what it does do is cause us to be much more intentional about reaching out to the kids.


At this moment we have two clubs meeting each day – a surf club in the morning and “creativity” club in the afternoon. This way we can reach kids in small groups of numbers at a time.


We meet wherever we can – the library, a church office, and the beach! And with 5 new staff coming this summer, we’ll be able to start even more clubs.


The best thing about it? A new depth of relationship building, closer connections with the families as we pick them up and drop them off and often pop in for a visit.


We’ve lost the bigger reach we had, but in narrowing down we’re getting a new depth. Both are good and we’re thankful for this journey and what God is teaching us along the way.


The end result we’re hoping for? Kids growing up with more positives than negatives in their lives, relationship with Christ, lives transformed, hearts healed, the love of God taking root deeply and firmly in each little heart.


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