Saturday Surf

Saturday Surf

Saturday surf begins at 9:30 a.m. But the kids start calling us on the phone before 8:00 a.m. “Can we go at 8:30?” They are ready to go and can hardly stand the wait. The anticipation is just too much. They really look forward to this time with our family at the beach ~ such a simple thing, yet it means so much.

Because it’s more than just surfing. It’s someone watching you surf, cheering you on. That glance back to see if anyone’s watching and finding, to your surprise, that someone is! And they’re smiling and give you a thumbs up! It’s taking a break on a blanket in the shade to eat a snack together. It’s digging in the sand and making a sand castle. It’s laughing and playing with the family dog, and the kids, and the smiles, and the joy and love coming out all over the place.

And it’s the presence of God. Because He’s right there. He always is. And His love fills our hearts as we enjoy His creation together, rolling, basking, playing, splashing in the glory of who He is.


3 Responses to Saturday Surf

  1. Michelle C says:

    Yes, the simple things…they are the most important to us all:-) Sounds like a glorious day.

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