So Encouraged!

Just wanted to share an email I sent out last night to about 20 people and the responses received in less than 14 hours… God is so good.

Hello Friends of Jaco!

I’m writing to you today about two very precious friends of ours and yours. Many of you know these two boys and some of you have even spent hours playing, painting and hanging out with them. Their names are Cristiam (14) and Yacser (13). I’m attaching a photo of them so you can see who I’m talking about.

These boys are from Nicaragua and live with their mom and dad, two sisters and little brother in Invu. Their dad is a taxi driver and their mom cleans houses and does whatever she can to put food on the table for her family. One of the biggest heart aches for her are these two boys and the fact that they are not in school. They missed an entire year of school last year because they did not have the correct papers from Nicaragua to be able to enter. This year Isabel, their mom, was confident she had what she needed to register them. The new school year starts this week.

Today I was riding home through Invu on my bike and Yacser shouted to me. I stopped to say hi and he told me that he and Cristiam would not be able to attend school again this year and that they had to go back to Nicaragua. My heart dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I went to stop by their house and talk to Isabel about what was happening.

When I pulled up Isabel was sitting outside on the street in a fluster. Her head was pounding. She couldn’t figure out what to do with her boys. Her mom’s heart is torn. She wants her boys to live with her, but she can’t find a way to get them in school and she knows they can’t miss another year. But if they go back to Nicaragua their options are limited as well and in addition they will be away from their family.

What do they need to be able to enter school? I asked.

Isabel could hardly give me a straight answer – stamps on this paper, stamps on that paper, another paper from Nicaragua, someone has to sign this one and then another has to sign that one. I have to travel to San Jose and then to this office and that one. The amount of money was beyond comprehension for her. This whole situation was looming over her head as one giant impossibility and she was sinking under the weight of it.

After talking for awhile and just listening, I tried to get clarification.

Isabel, I want to help you. Let’s figure out exactly what you need. Nothing is impossible with God. I know that He loves your boys even more than you do and He wants them in school and I believe He wants them to stay with you. Let’s see if we can figure this out. I had her sit down with me and list out all the necessary expenses. Travel to San Jose, bus fares, how much each stamp would cost for each paper, uniforms, notebooks. We wrote it all down together and then added it up. The total amount is $300.

I know that’s a lot. Most of it is for the stamps for the papers – silly bureaucracy stuff, but without it they cannot enter school.

I think the greatest investment you can make is into education for the poor. Without it these boys will end up on the streets, with little options for their life. With a high school diploma many doors will open up to them.

My next question was for the boys. Are you ready for this? I said. Are you ready to study? Yes!! They responded. Cristiam wants to be a police officer and Yacser wants to be a pilot. Wouldn’t that just be amazing? But if they miss yet another year of school, this possibility narrows even more.

I sat with Isabel, held her hand and we prayed. We put it all in God’s hands. I have faith in my heart that He wants to provide for this.

Between all of us I wonder if we could come up with $300? If we all gave just a little, it might just make the difference in these boys’ lives.

And here’s the guarantee – I promise you that if we come up with this money together, I will deliver it to Isabel. She will go to San Jose on Tuesday. The papers will be all completed in 8 days and the boys will be in school by the following week.

Here’s the other positive. There is a program that is part of Iglesia Radical that these boys can be a part of – it’s called Puentes de Esperanza. In this program they learn wood working skills, work ethic, discipleship, mentoring, and accountability. Through their work at the program they earn money for their uniforms, books, food and everything they need to stay in school for the year. But they can’t enter this program if they aren’t in school.

I really believe these boys have a chance to be successful. With a supportive church community around them, we can make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.

Will you pray and ask the Lord if you should be a part of this?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and pray about it. Together we have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of these boys and their family!

If you would like to give you can donate through paypal, that would be the fastest and easiest way, using this email address. For other ways to give go here:

If you make a donation, please email me and let me know that you did and the amount so I can make sure to designate the donation for these boys.

This is an urgent request. Every day that passes, these boys are another day behind. They need to enter school as soon as possible. I would like Isabel to have what she needs so she can head to San Josr Tuesday, Feb. 14 if possible.

Please pass this email on if you know someone who would be interested in helping with this.

Much love from Jaco,



I just read this and it really touched me.  Please let me know how much more they still need.
Thank you.

I received $50 through paypal from a friend with this note:
With Love, for Isabel, Yacser, and Christiam 

Hey guys, I just sent $40 through Pay Pal for the boys. Just want to make sure you guys get it! Also, just keep me posted on what’s going on. If you don’t get all of it by the 14th just let me know! Love you guys! Miss you so much!

Hey guys – Thanks for the update and heart you guys have. We donated $75. Let us know how things work out! we will be praying.

Hey I can give $70 dollars! It’s in cash. Whats the best way to get it to you? Hope this helps! Love you guys!

We sent $100 thru PayPal.  If you are short let us know and we will make up the difference. What a blessing to be able to help?.  Let’s get those boys in school.

And just like that we received over $300 for this sweet family.

The body of Christ in action!

Are you encouraged?

I am so encouraged!!!

We’ll keep you updated.

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