Tijuana Here we Come…!

Well, not really, but that got your attention right?

And we are headed to Tijuana…  Virtually!

For those of you following along on our journey right now, you might be aware of how absolutely insane it is right now. We are working dawn to dusk, cleaning, repairing, doing renovations, painting, trying to get our new home into a live-able condition. All by… Tuesday! Yikes!

Could things get any crazier… yes, they could!

In the midst of this we have a prior commitment made months ago to teach in University of the Nation’s Children at Risk School in Tijuana, Mexico. We are doing this over skype for two weeks straight.

In praying about it, we felt we needed to stick to our commitment and we know what an honor and privilege it is to be able to share with students of the children at risk school. We only wish we could be there in person, but we’re praying that it will go well over skype.

I just received this email from the school leader, Amanda Nino:

 Lisa and I prayed for you guys this morning and pray that these next few weeks wouldn’t be distracting from all that is going on in your lives, but rather, that the Lord would use it to remind you why you are committing your lives to do what you’re doing.

I pray God uses these teachings to fuel what you are doing instead of take away from it.  

Amen to that. I’m excited – new house, fresh paint, sharing our passion with students who have a heart to impact children at risk around the world.

Sometimes I think we’re the luckiest people in the world.



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