Saying Goodbye

“You’ve left footprints on our hearts, just like footprints in the sand.”

“No, not like footprints in the sand, because those can be washed away, you’ve left footprints in cement on our hearts.”

“Jaco needs more people like you.”

“You are so patient with us. Anyone else would have just kicked us out, but you always let us stay.”

“We never wanted to leave this place because we just wanted to spend more time with you.”

“We will be here waiting until you get back.”

Those are just a few of the things the kids of Jaco said to our intern, Aimee Griffin at her going away party last night.

This morning we drove her to the airport for a tearful goodbye. Aimee has been a huge blessing to our family, to the ministry here and to the whole community of Jaco.

Aimee’s plan is to go home, share about her time in Jaco and the needs here and return in April for a year. When she comes she will be our very first full-time staff member. Not an intern, an actual staff! Hoooray!

We love you, Aimee!


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