The Heavens Rejoice

Everything came full circle today. Look at this boy and his smile.

He just came to know Jesus Christ last Sunday and today at church received his first Bible.

My heart overflows, and I had goosebumps head to toe. Because this is exactly it. Exactly what we hoped and prayed would happen – is now happening! And it will continue – this is just the beginning.

We opened El Refugio, a safe haven for children, in April 2011. Since then we have been welcoming children everyday, getting to know them and their families and enjoying our afternoons together.

Then we started bringing a group of 7 children to church with us each week. That is the goal. To plug them in with the local church  – a body of Christ where they can grow and begin a true relationship with Jesus and then have encouragement in their new walk with the Lord.

The teacher of the Sunday school at Iglesia Radical is Paula, who is 15 years old. She came to know the Lord through the ministry of the church into her community, known as “the river.” She first was introduced to the Lord by the pastors of the church when she was 9 years old.

When we were in class today she asked me about the group of kids, “Do they always misbehave like this?” Yes, they do. She understood.

“I was just like them,” she said, “But I changed a lot.” She explained how her pastors reached out to her and showed her a different way to live. She encouraged me to keep doing what we’re doing and they will change, too.

Then, this precious girl led one of the boys to the Lord. She told him about her relationship with Jesus and asked if he wanted to know Jesus, too. He said yes and they prayed together.

Today after Sunday school the youth pastors surrounded him and prayed for him and I signed his first Bible and gave it to him from our family.

For those of you that are our prayer warriors, lift Esnider up today. Pray for hits new faith, that the seeds that have been planted will be watered and will grow, not snatched away.

And rejoice with us, too, because the all the heavens are rejoicing today!


3 Responses to The Heavens Rejoice

  1. pamela says:

    Wow Leslie, he is a great kid. what a great story uh? Awesome, love you guys… keep it up. Blessings

  2. Freeman Fam says:

    I’m so glad you saw this post, Pamela, I wanted to share it with you specifically, because it was so encouraging – and so sweet that it was Paula who was able to lead him to the Lord. Love it. We love and miss you guys and hope you’re having an amazing time. Can’t wait til you get back, though! 😉

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