We’ve been taking a little group of 6 or 7 kids from one of the rough neighborhoods with us to church every Sunday.

This Sunday we went by to pick them up, but they weren’t at the corner waiting for us, or at their homes. Thinking that was strange we went ahead to church.

Sure enough, they were there waiting for us. They were so excited, they just couldn’t wait and walked all the way to church by themselves! They told us from now on they’ll just meet us at church.

“Yay!” my heart cried inside, because that’s the whole point of it – for the children to plug in and go to church on their own, not just because we pick them up and bring them. So this is a really positive change!

And it now leaves room in our car to pick up more kids!

After church we celebrated Silvano’s 12th Birthday together. We made a cake together, baked it and ate it!

Happy Birthday Vano! I love to see him smile. He’s often the one with a tough face, ready to take on the world, ready to fight whoever gets in his way. For a long time he’s been hard to get through to. But now we’re seeing him loosen up and relax, let down his guard a little. And lots more smiles.

During the celebration I happened upon this little scene that warmed my heart and snuck a quick photo. These are the moments that I live for.

Happy Sunday!


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