Cry Out To Him

I don’t know what denomination you are, or what specific beliefs and theology you have about prayer, intercession, etc. Sometimes these types of things can cause so much division and confusion among Christians.

But you know what? I know one thing is true – God hears our prayers. He truly does. And it is powerful.

A friend just sent me this video – it’s two years old, and you might see some stuff you’re not comfortable with or don’t “agree” with.

The thing that really struck me, though, as I watched this, is that this group of Christians devoted an entire hour of intense prayer for two young girls trapped in prostitution in Jaco. I couldn’t help the tears from falling.

We need these prayers.

So desperately.

I wonder if I know these girls? I wonder who they are? I may not know these specific two, but I know many like them – I know it’s happening right here, in this town, down the street from me.

The darkness is heavy.

And prayers like this encourage my heart.

Would you pray with us?

Right now?

For young girls that are being sold this very day, this very night?

Cry out to him on behalf of these children.

Intercession 8/3/09 San Jose, Costa Rica from Exodus Cry on Vimeo.


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