We long to trust and be trusted

I let 6 kids from one of the slums in town borrow some of our dress ups for the weekend. ‘

They each picked out the one they wanted and I put them each in a plastic bag. They promised to take good care of them and bring them back on Tuesday.

Am I crazy for trusting these children who have shown me that they wouldn’t hesitate to steal? Who I know have not earned the right to be trusted?

“We yearn to trust and be trusted – one researcher has found that people get a spike of the pleasant neurotransmitter oxytocin when they are entrusted with another’s goods.”

Well, I took the risk and the children were so pleased about it. And sure enough, Tuesday afternoon they came marching in with their plastic bags full of costumes in great condition.

I’m hoping they enjoyed that little spike of oxytocin! 🙂


3 Responses to We long to trust and be trusted

  1. Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources says:

    Yes! Trust doesn’t always have to be earned. It also makes a beautiful gift!

  2. Gabriela says:

    So nice Leslie! you guys are setting such an example there among all these families who are use to the lack of trust. Be encourage!

    Gaby W 🙂

  3. […] in my post, We long to trust and be trusted, I wrote about the children receiving a spike of oxytocin? Well, listen to this: All behavior […]

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