Love Doesn’t Spoil

We see evidence of this each and everyday in our work with children at risk. Children who truly have not received the love and care that they need and are now suffering with anger, entitlement issues, lacking the ability to trust, lacking compassion, bullying behavior and more. Yes, they are difficult to work with, because their pain is so deep and it is masked by outward misbehavior.

What they need most, their most deepest need is love – just for who they are, not because they have “earned” it. The love that they are missing out on is what “spoils” them (I hate to even say that word in relation to children because it sounds as if a child is ruined, beyond hope – and NO ONE is ever spoiled or beyond hope).

Hug your kids tight today, shower them with unconditional love and kindness. That’s what God gives freely to us, and it is what we need to give to others. ♥


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