What’s On My Heart Right Now?

What’s on my heart right now?

A fifteen year old boy who dropped out of school at 6th grade. Yesterday he went to school for the first time in over 6 months. He came back from school so happy and excited – he brought back books and things for us to study together. He went to school again today. I heard him tell somebody, “I’m going to school because Leslie is helping me study.” Last night I kept waking up all through the night feeling for him. I prayed for him through the night on and off between sleeping. I feel like this is such a big step for him. He finally feels he has hope to pass this grade.

A mom trying to live her life after spending years working as a prostitute. She was trafficked from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and worked as a prostitute for years. Now she has three kids – the father of the kids abandoned her and she is trying to raise them without returning to her former job. But she is struggling to make ends meet and pay her rent. She became a Christian this year while at a feeding for the homeless.

A boy living on the streets – homeless – coming to the ramp to skate. His smile, his timid eyes, fearful, checking everything out.

My heart is full and burdened right now with. Pray with me, please.



3 Responses to What’s On My Heart Right Now?

  1. Sandy says:

    I am awake too and dealing with a heart that is hurting. thinking about a CS Lewis quote about how a heart that is open to love is vulnerable and likely to be broken. But one that is closed is safe but hard and impenetrable Thinking and praying about that and I think we are to be tenderhearted but not beaten down and depressed. So I am getting it that I need to keep giving my broken one to God and letting him heal it and help me. Tonight feeling some of that peace that passes understanding. “It’s a fearful thing to fall into the arms of the living God.” I always think of that picture your folks had back in Richmond with the shepherd holding the lamb and that Bible verse stuck with a piece of paper into the frame.

  2. Sandy says:

    Praying for the kids. May God have great mercy on them.

  3. Vida Martinez says:

    Praying with you on these heavy heart situations. Keep on loving, Leslie. You are beautiful.

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