Kai discovered an important life principle today.

Kai has been working really hard at skateboarding and practicing a lot. I know that feeling. I remember feeling like that about gymnastics at his age. It’s good to have an obsession at this age- 8 ½ – it’s an age characterized for stamina, drive and practice. So I’m happy he’s found something to pour that energy into. He’s been dreaming about being able to “drop-in” on the ramp. So he’s been working up to it for weeks now, getting close, but not quite there. Well, today was the day. We made sure he had on a helmet and pads and Scott helped him a few times until he got the feel of it, and then he was doing it! His face was pure joy as he dropped off the edge of the ramp and whooshed down and up the other side at full speed. Exhilaration! When he paused to come eat lunch, he sat there, just smiling.  “This is the good life,” he said. What a great phrase to express what he was feeling. Then he explained how it felt so good to finally do it, because he’s been wanting to do it for so long. He said the wanting to do it for so long made the good feeling feel even better. Interesting, Kai! That’s called anticipation. When we want something and patiently work for it, the satisfaction we get from that is so much greater than instant gratification. It’s worth it to steadfastly work each day towards your goal, and then finally achieve it.

I thought about so many things in my life that feel that way. Marrying Scott meant having years of desiring to find my soul mate. Then when I finally found him, the joy was so great. I still carry around that joy with me to this day. Scott and I will have moments where we look at each other with just relief that we will never have to go back to that time, that we will never have to date again, all that is over. We found each other!

This ministry we started. For years I’ve been thinking, hoping and dreaming of this. Almost despairing that it would never happen. But patiently plugging away at where God had us in order to reach this point. And I can see His wonderful hand of guidance and His perfect plan and timing in all of it. But the joy of being able to do what we are doing is so much greater because of all the years spent anticipating and working towards this goal.

Is there anything you are anticipating right now? Be faithful to what He has asked you to do today, patiently and steadfastly plugging away, “practicing” so to speak, like Kai on the skateboard ramp, until the day comes when you finally receive what you have been waiting for. It will be well worth the wait, and your joy will be that much greater for the waiting.



4 Responses to Kai discovered an important life principle today.

  1. Janna Moats says:

    Thanks Leslie – really appreciate this story –

  2. Sandy says:

    That is a great blog Leslie! Good encouragement. So glad for “The lines (that)have fallen to (you)me in pleasant places;
    Yes, (you) I have a good inheritance.” Psalm 16:6

  3. […] sum up the year with a phrase it would be this, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.” Very, very good things. And “Dreams Really Do Come […]

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