Things That Are Making Me Smile :)

1. Water fights on hot days

2. Making cookies – including flour and icing fights

4. Lots of board games, puzzles, playdough, coloring and more

5. Listening to story after story of a boy’s life in Nicaragua before coming to Jaco and being able to understand. Listening to a child is so powerful.

5. Reading children’s books aloud in Spanish

6. Giving two children their first Bible

7. Seeing one of the children sitting outside his house reading his Bible and sharing how he read his Bible before bed and didn’t have nightmares like the night before.

8. Taking children to church with us

9. Watching my own children have fun and embrace new friends

10. More hugs and love in my life than I could ever have imagined

11. Feeling so privileged to do this work that we do


3 Responses to Things That Are Making Me Smile :)

  1. Doug Burt says:

    Awesome pictures guys. God bless you for all you are doing.

    I just got back from Guatemala on an International School Project Conference (Campus Crusade) for public school teachers. Teachers were instructed on how to use the Jesus Film in their classes to teach Christian ethics and values. Very powerful program because of the multiplication factor.

  2. […] We can close our eyes at night and see the faces of these children. Our hearts have never felt so full. We’ve never found such joy in anything we’ve ever done […]

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