“Skateboarding Saved My Life”

Tony at one of his skate events, photo by Joel Duarte

That’s what my friend, Tony Del Rio, told me this weekend. Tony took his passion for skateboarding and started Revolution Ministry, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Nothing gives him greater joy than to see a kid connect with a skateboard. “You never know if this might be the moment that changes that child’s life.” I looked at him in confusion, not quite understanding. How in the world can skateboarding change a child’s life so drastically? Well, for Tony it did. He said skateboarding is what got him through difficult years and kept him from getting into drugs and partying. Now he uses it to help share the gospel. He puts on skate events in the city and also has a vision to help start skate parks – places where kids can skate in a safe environment – a place where they can build relationships and grow as people. Hmmm… that sounds a lot like what we’re doing.  I have always loved seeing the joy the children get from skating, but that’s just because I love to see children enjoying something. But I never looked at  it this way before. Thanks for the insight, Tony, and thanks for what you do for kids and youth in San Jose.

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