A Safe Place for Children and Youth

For those of you that read our May Update, you read about the new ministry we’ve started on a beautiful property in Jaco.  Every afternoon we open the doors and welcome children and youth to come, skate, play and just “be” kids in a loving, safe environment. We’ve been starting small – welcoming small numbers of children each day and getting to know them. Well, we prayed and asked the Lord to grow it in His timing and guide this whole thing. Next thing we knew this past week we had 30 – 40 kids each day coming to the property!  It’s a little overwhelming as we were not prepared for this amount of children at one time. But it’s also exciting!

One aspect we hope to bring is a place for creativity to develop.  The schools here rely on rote learning methods, are lacking in resources and children have little opportunities to create and play.  Creativity is really important – in the development of children and the lives of youth! Why, you ask? Well, check this out:

 “Some may say creativity doesn’t really matter. Who cares if a kid can paint a picture as long as he can read, right? Well, creativity is more than the ability to wield a paintbrush. Creativity is what gives all the math and reading skills application, and therefore, meaning.

Creativity certainly is the source of inspiration for great works of visual art, literary novels, music pieces, and productions of stage and screen. But creativity is also the wellspring of problem-solving and inquiry. Creativity is the ability to think outside of the box, to be curious and resourceful.

Children who are creative are better prepared to be successful and thrive as children and as adults. Creativity aids in navigating social relationships and is the true source of all great professional accomplishments. Divergent thinkers not only become the painters and authors of the future, but they are the coaches who create game-winning plays, the entrepreneurs who find new ways to meet their customers’ needs, and the medical professionals who develop cures for our toughest diseases.” – Amanda Morgan

So we’re gearing up for another week and getting ready to welcome children. Please begin praying for these kids – for each child, youth and adult that sets foot on this property – that it would be holy ground. Lord, as we create space, a place for relationships to develop, Lord would you bless it, would your Spirit be tangible in this place. Do your work here, Lord, soften hearts, speak through your servants, create divine appointments, build a depth of relationship, trust, prepare the way for your healing power to come into the lives of those who have been hurt, wounded, those who feel alone, abandoned, angry, scared, sad. Let the power of your love come and transform lives.


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