It’s Time for Us to Get Serious

… about learning Spanish!  This has been running through my brain for awhile now, since our return home from the states.  For quite some time, I’ve been so concerned about our family becoming bilingual and our children learning the language.   I have been feeling like it’s the big problem that I need to fix and come up with the solution, but no matter what I try it doesn’t work – my children resist, we don’t have the budget, or other obstacles.  Well, I started really giving this to the Lord the end of March – seriously praying about it, surrendering it and trusting God to work out the details for our family.  It felt good to finally place it in His hands and realize it’s beyond my control.  So I’ve been waiting on Him to see what He will do.

Now as I see what’s happening, I am in quiet expectation, “Lord is this you?  Are you doing this?”  I feel like it is.  It feels like the tangible hand of the Lord on our lives.  Let me share the story.

It started out with me searching for an internship site for three children at risk school students for the mornings.   After a few deadends, I got in the car and started singing and praying to God – it was so weird!   But I just started driving around kind of aimlessly praying for the Lord to direct me, knowing that He has the perfect plan.  Well, it entered into my mind that all the way back in 2009 I went on a scouting trip to Jaco just to check it out.  A few friends were with me and we spent the weekend praying and driving around.  During that trip I remembered driving down this dirt road and seeing a little run-down school – then we ran into a river and couldn’t cross, we were screaming and trying to turn the van around.  Anyways, it was funny, but this vision passed through my mind while praying, and I said, “Lord, where is that school?”  I don’t remember where it is, but You do, and if You want our students to work there, direct me.  Well, I kept driving and praying and sure enough, ended up finding that little dirt road and pulling up next to the school.  It looks very poor and small.  The gate was open and I just walked right in.  I found the director pretty easily and she greeted me with a big smile – very friendly and welcoming.  We talked for just a little bit and I showed her the letter we made.  She said that in the mornings they have a preschool and she made a copy of my letter to leave for the preschool teacher and asked me to come back the next morning.  So, I came the next day and met with the preschool teacher – she seems so friendly and was happy to have the girls volunteer.  It’s a small preschool – but the environment really feels right and the school seemed very happy to have them.  It’s from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. each morning.  I felt like it is a good connection for us to have as well as a good internship experience for the girls!

So, since that time, the girls have been interning there for about two weeks and it’s been going great – they love it!  During these two weeks, out of the blue Jude starts saying, “I want to go to school!”  Not just once, but several times during the day – begging to go to school!  Jude is only 3 and I have no idea where this idea came from, but I thought, well – maybe I should capitalize on that?  Maybe I should find him a school where he can go for a few hours and absorb Spanish while he is at such a critical age for language development.  “Lord, is this you?” I was praying.  So I began searching for a preschool.  I haven’t been able to find anything.  But in the midst of my search, my mind went back to the school where the girls are working.  I went by to talk to the director about my children attending there.  Jude unfortunately is too young, but Ezzy and Kai could go.  It’s a public school and so it’s completely free.  It’s small, welcoming and the teachers seem so kind.  Well, I road home on my bike from there just praying again.  Lord, what an opportunity this is – for our children to attend school for free, to have a chance to learn Spanish.  What a difference it would make in their lives if they could feel comfortable speaking Spanish, if they could have friends that speak Spanish.  It would be so good for them.  They would be happier.  They would be more confident.  They would feel more secure and at home living in Costa Rica.  So, I just prayed on the ride home, Lord, if this is You, You have to make this happen.  You know Ezzy and Kai have no desire to go to school, You have to change their hearts.  I’m going to be honest, too, I absolutely love homeschooling my boys.  I feel like it is a great education for them.  But the downside is they are not getting Spanish and they are not cementing into the culture.  I want to continue homeschooling, but I want my boys to become bilingual.  If I have to give up a year or two of homeschooling for that to happen, it’s worth it.

So anyways, I walked in the door after my bike ride home and told the kids about my meeting at the school.  I said Jude is too young to go yet, and he began crying bitterly.  He was so upset.  I said, but Ezzy, you could go.  You could make friends there and learn Spanish.  Ezzy (5) was sitting at the table coloring.  He put his marker down and looked up at me.  It looked like something clicked inside of him.  “Yeah…” He said, thinking.  “I could make friends there.  I could learn all my Spanish back.”  And that was it.  He was decided.  Kai was not interested, until the next day.  We were doing our math and writing and Kai was getting kind of grumpy about it.  So I brought up the subject of school again.  “Yeah,” He said, “I want to go to school.” And then he burst into tears.  “No, no, I don’t.”  I just pulled him on my lap and hugged him.  “Kai, it sounds like you want to go to school but you’re nervous.”

“I won’t have any friends there!!!”  He cried and shared other fears.  He had a bad experience at school before.  We talked through all his concerns and at the end he decided he did want to go.  Since that moment he has been very enthusiastic about it.

So, that’s it… starting Monday Kai and Ezzy will go to school.  Ezzy goes from 7 – 10:30 a.m. and Kai goes from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Weird schedule, right?  That’s just how things are here.  I’m holding all of this with very open hands.  The Lord is the one who has done this.  He changed the hearts of my children.  He put this all together and so it is His.  I am trusting Him to take care of my boys and to continue the work in their hearts so that they will be open and receptive to the new language and new friends.  I’m not naïve here, I know this is going to be hard.  It will be very challenging for them.  I’m afraid they will go for a week and want to quit. And then what will I do?  But I’m not letting my mind dwell there.  I feel like God is the One who is doing this, and so I will trust Him.  I can’t do anything other than that.

If you think of it, pray for my boys. Pray for their hearts and for their time at school – that it would be positive, that they would be strong and courageous.  And also pray for me and Scott.  We need to become fully bilingual, we can’t limp along like this – it’s affecting our lives and our ministry.  It’s really time to get serious.


12 Responses to It’s Time for Us to Get Serious

  1. Sarah says:

    Rejoicing with you as God leads. I will be praying friend and know God has great plans for your boys.

    be blessed bunches,

  2. Marjolein says:

    Girl…I will be praying, I think you are following God and He will be faithful. He will go before you, thanks for sharing this by the way, it really blessed my heart. As you know I need to see God do some things for me in this school thing also…thanks for sharing this!!! Love you..

    • Freeman Fam says:

      Thanks Mar, I appreciate your prayers so much! I think your children are absolutely amazing, by the way – they are tri-lingual! I can’t even imagine the intelligence they have!! Love you too xoxo

  3. warner isaac says:

    hey Leslie & Scott,
    hola y me alegro que los chicos quieren aprender espanol, lo mismo ustedes… si es poco a poco y con practica que pueden hacerlo, estare Orando para que los chicos puedan tener muchos amigos en la escuela y que Dios les guie y de paz con esto de aprender este idioma y tambien por seguridad con sus pertenencias y familia
    ok, pura vida y chao chao… mis lideres!!!

  4. Sara Wright says:

    Hi Leslie..I just want to encourage you!! I so understand what you are talking about. This all makes a lot of sensea and the Lord opens and closes doors. I just wanted to share with you about Raquel. You know how she started New Zealand Correspondance School 2 year ago?? well…she is doing second grade in NZL and she also attends a regular public school here in CR (she is in first grade here). Totally possible!!! a lot of work and commitment though but she is doing both systems without any problem, learning both languages really well!! 🙂 Do u think you might consider continuing homeschooling them? maybe not on a regular everyday basis but at least 2 or 3 times a week? Just food for thought!!! I will be praying for you!!! ANIMO!!! Sara

    • Freeman Fam says:

      That’s amazing, Sara! I’ve been thinking about continuing with Kai with some of the things I have been doing – especially his reading and math and of course Bible, but I also want to make sure he has time to play and just be a kid! It’s good to hear how it works for you with Raquel, hopefully we can do the same here!

  5. Annie says:

    Wow, I will be praying. That is a big transition. Is it weird to say not being married, not having children, and not being sure yet how long I’ll be on the mission field that I’ve given some thought to whether or not I’d home school my children or enroll them in a school in whatever country I’m in so they would be bilingual?. . . Anyway, it seems like it could be a great solution for your boys.

    (And we had similar same crazy schedule here with “our” boys while they were living with us, except B started school at 6:30 and it took 45 minutes to get there so the poor kiddo had to get up at 5 every morning and leave the house before 6.)

    • Freeman Fam says:

      It is a big transition – not just for the boys, but our whole family – we have to re-work our whole schedule! But I think this is the right direction to go in… we’ll see, and we’ll how long we do it. I’m just praying the Lord guides and directs in this. And yes, why are the schedules so weird???? arrgh!

  6. […] we made the decision to put my oldest son in the little public school close by for the year. This was a difficult decision for us, but we didn’t want to miss the precious opportunity for him to become bilingual at this […]

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