Celebrating Children

We haven’t posted or emailed or any sort of update in so long!!!  Those of you who follow us on facebook hopefully got to see some of the highlights of our trip to California.  It was an amazing time.

It’s also really good to be back.  We have a team here right now from the Women and Children’s Advocacy Centre.  They are running a workshop called, “Celebrating Children.”  The first week has been a “taster,”  meaning it’s just a sample of the full three week curriculum.  The second week is a facilitator’s training.  That means we are being trained how to run this workshop in the format that works best for Jaco.  We are absolutely blown away.  This curriculum is so fabulous – we love it and are so excited about it.  This is the future of training for this area of people working with children at risk.   We could write lots and lots about it, but for right now, we’ll just leave it at that.

So on top of this, we’ve also been meeting every evening with project planners.  They have been helping us review and look at every area of our lives and ministry.  This is so unbelievably helpful, we can’t even believe it.  This team has blessed us beyond anything we could imagine.

Keep checking in here, because we’ll be writing more in the next few days and weeks…


8 Responses to Celebrating Children

  1. Annie says:

    I’ve noticed and missed your internet presence. I’m glad you’re having some super awesome training.

    Hugs from Colombia

  2. Leslie says:

    We’re slowly getting back on track! Update to come soon… so much to share!

  3. nice meeting you today at the Knapps……. hope the Jesus film flannelgraph will be helpful to you and your work with Scott.

    denny and evie johnson
    chairman, kids around the world

  4. Kay Page says:

    Hey, you know I am interested in this curriculum. Maybe can use it in Maine if it is adaptable?? love you guys… kay

  5. […] arrived back in Costa Rica and were blessed with a three week visit from the Women and Children’s Advocacy Centre (WCAC). And when we say blessed we mean […]

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