Getting ready…

Lots going on here right now.  We’re getting ready to leave on Sunday – so much to do!  Scott will teach for one week in the DTS in San Jose.  He’s really excited to share with this new group of students in their second week of the 12 week lecture phase – there are 30 students, so it’s a good size group this year!  His topic is the nature and character of God, a topic that he loves to teach on.  What a priviledge to be able to share all that he’s learned with people!  It is a blessing.  Scott bases a lot his teaching off of the teachings from Matt Rawlins.  Here’s a little vide of Matt.

We just love him, what a great guy!  On Sunday after  teaching we board a plane early in the morning and fly into Mexico City, change planes and then onto LAX where Scott’s parents will meet us at the airport!  What a joyful reunion that will be!  We are so excited to see family and friends we can hardly contain it.  The boys are so excited too.  We’ll get to spend 6 weeks in California, spending some of that time travelling north to see family up there, too.  We’re excited to meet up with our church family and share all that God is doing down here, as well as receive refreshment and encouragement to bring back with us.  We will also spend two weeks in Tijuana teaching at the children at risk school there.  We can’t wait to get down there.  And another thing we’re really excited about is the possibility of hooking up with the Women and Children’s Advocacy Centre, who may send some people to meet with us while we’re in Tijuana to help us process through our new project that we’ll be starting in the new year.  What an opportunity to have help in organizing, processing and working through the details of it all. 

Anyways, just thought I’d put a little update out, because we probably won’t be updating for awhile!  Keep us in your prayers! 

With Love,


3 Responses to Getting ready…

  1. Annie says:

    Leslie, what exciting plans! I pray you and Scott and the boys have a wonderful relaxing time in the States.

    Steve Bartel is in Tijuana right now teaching at the CAR school. It’s a small world in YWAM, right? 🙂

    I’m working on rehabbing a house, cleaning the school and waiting expectantly for God to send us enough staff to open.

  2. […] We started out the year with a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to teach in the Children at Risk School. While there we spent several weeks in California visiting friends and family. (JOY!) […]

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