Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

             Merry Christmas from sunny and hot Costa Rica!  Even though we are far away, our hearts are with you at this time of year.  It’s a time when we are especially full of gratefulness as we reflect on the year that is rapidly coming to a close.

            We started the year out leading our second Children at Risk School, training more skilled workers and advocates for children that are in desperate situations all around the world.  An integral part of the training program is the six month internship.  This year instead of sending teams out, we went with them!  We moved our whole family and a team of five young people to Jaco, Costa Rica.

            Jaco is a town renowned for prostitution, drugs and partying.  The impoverished children and youth are on a fast track straight into this lifestyle.  We are excited to be here; to live and work with the children and their families, sharing the love of Jesus and offering hope for another way.  We hope to stay here for many years to come, investing into this community and bringing lasting change.  We have lots of plans for the coming year and we would love to talk with you about it more.

            This year Kai turned 7, Jude 3, Ezzy 5 and Koa 1.   Our lives are so full.  These boys bring so much joy, energy and life into our home.   We are finishing our first year of homeschool and the benefits have been rich.  It’s been difficult at times for us, figuring out how to make it work, but it has been worth it.  Our kids are thriving, growing, learning and healthy.   We couldn’t be more thankful.

            It is always amazing to look back on the year and see the way God has provided for our every need.  We do not receive a salary for the work we do and rely on the support of family and friends.  Thank you for partnering with us and being such a vital part of our ministry, we couldn’t do this work without you and we’re so grateful for you.

            May your holiday season be filled with cherished moments, family, friends, food and memories to hold on to the whole year through.  And don’t forget to keep in touch!

With Love,

Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezra, Jude and Koa


A little update…

December 8, 2010

So, the 2010 children at risk outreach is officially, officially over (see the slideshow below!).  Isaac left a few weeks ago and Daniel has been staying with us for a few weeks.  He just left a few days ago.  We feel very humbled and blessed to have had this time with these students.  So Daniel, Isaac, Amanda and Emily, thank you for your time with us.  You had an impact on this place and lives were touched and changed through what you did while you were here.

Leslie and I are praying and seeking the Lord about some new things God is brewing up here.  For the last eight months we’ve been coming alongside exising ministries and working with them.  As we’ve been here observing things, doing ministry and talking with people, we feel that God is calling us to do something new.  We want to form a team of people from YWAM who are committed to seeing Jaco changed.  So we have been talking to YWAM leaders about the steps necesary to do this, and there are a bunch of amazing people praying about being a part of this team.  Please be praying for us as we step into this new thing.  It is totally uncharted territory for us and very stretching but it’s also something He’s been preparing us for all of these years.

Another thing we have been doing is preparing to teach.  I will be teaching about the nature and character of God in the January DTS in San Jose as  well as in the Children at Risk school in Tijuana, Mexico.  Also I’ll teach Kings again in the Biblical Core Course in San Jose.  Leslie will be speaking in Tijuana the week after me.  She is speaking about child development and also children with disabilities.  So we are preparing for these opportunities.  It has been really amazing to see Leslie as she has been studying and preparing for her teaching.  God is really doing something in her through this.  The things that He is teaching her are really necessary in our society today.  I wouldn’t be surprised if out of all this she ends up writing an amazing book or something.

Along with all this I’ve been continuing helping with the new feeding program at the river, kids clubs and we helped with a two-day soccer camp for the kids.  I went to pick up a bunch of kids for the soccer camp Sunday afternoon and the adults in the community were all drunk.   Kids were standing around crying, dirty, adults were crying in some drunken drama.  I was thinking, I have to get these kids out of here.  I asked the adults, why is everyone drunk?   Well, because it was so-and-so’s fifteenth birthday yesterday.  So that’s why everyone is still drunk the next day.   The soccer camp was only for kids 5-10 but I took every kid I could find to come to the camp down to 1 year olds. 

And, in family news, Leslie’s brother, James, comes in tomorrow to visit and next week her dad comes also and will stay through Christmas.  So it will be really great to see family and have a Costa Rican Christmas together! 

Thanks for your prayers,


Page update

December 8, 2010

Just updated the information on our finances page,  a friend let me know a link was down and so I ended up updating the whole page with current information – hope it helps!