my new uniform

my new uniform

Sunglasses and hat – I cannot leave home without it! 

As many of you know I had a growth in my right eye called a ptyrigium.  It is caused by exposure to the sun, wind and basically being out in the elements.  The one in my eye was beginning to grow onto the cornea, and if left unchecked these things will grow all the way over the pupil causing blindness in the affected  eye.  Thank you to Leslie, Nancy and everyone who forced me into the hospital to have the surgery to remove it.

On October 10th at eight am I had the very uncomfortable surgery.   It took everything I had not to jump off that table and run away.  I have never had contacts or anything so having someone poking around in my eye was almost too much for me.  Thanks God that everything went well and they fixed it.  The next week was really rough and the eye looked and felt  pretty horrible and I had lots of doubts that it would ever recover but it has been almost a month and it looks better than it has in years. Thank you to Horizon Christian Fellowship and everyone who made this possible.


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