Our neighbor right across the street is the assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel here in Jaco, he also does the music every Sunday.   He and his family had planned a trip to go back to the States to visit family for a little over two weeks.  He asked me if I could do the music for the two Sunday’s he would miss.  I said yeah sure, I’ll do it, thinking I would get one or two of the guys from up in ywam San Jose who are really good to help me and it would be no big deal.  Well I went up there and none of them could do it, YIKES!!!   I couldn’t even remember the last time that I led worship by myself, I always do it with someone who is really good and that really helps me relax, kind of lean on them, well not this time!!

So I started preparing for the first Sunday. The service is bilingual so I needed songs in English and Spanish and I had to make sure that I did songs that everyone knew or at least had heard before.  I watched tons of youtube video’s of Spanish worship songs to make sure my pronunciation was good when I sang. Well the day before another neighbor who just so happens to Pastor another church here in Jaco asked me if I could lead the worship time for his English service the next day. His service is at 8 am and Calvary Chapel is at 10 am so I said yes. 

 So I basically just took the songs that I was doing in English at Calvary and did them at the English service then borrowed the Pastors car and went to the other service. Everything went really good. The amazing thing was that I had been fighting off a cold and my voice was really bad the night before and the morning of and it did not affect anything.  It was a real encouragment to me to have many of the Latino’s tell me after that they really enjoyed the worship and one lady said that my pronunciation was amazing!!!  So thank you Jesus.  The truth is the only reason I learned how to play the guitar was so I could worship God on my own not needing a CD or worship service you know. So what an  honor to be able to lead these people in worshipping our God.

The next Sunday, yesterday, went really well too thanks God!!! It is really cool how when we step out of our comfort zone God can step in and make us shine. He really is our strength when we are weak.


One Response to Strreeeeeetch!!!!

  1. Rebecca Hill says:

    What an encouraging story Scott! That was definitely a blessing to read. Didn’t we lead worship together or you helped me in the ICSS? Just remembering that… Blessings, Rebecca

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