I had the opportunity to teach in the Biblical Core Course up in San Jose. I taught the book of Kings which I had taught a couple of times before.  The difference in teaching in this school is that it is an inductive bible study course, so when you are teaching  you don’t just teach what’s in the book, you give background, explain different things ex. What is the role of a prophet.  but the goal is for the students to discover the main points of the book on their own, and I have to discover creative way for them to do that.  I taught for three days and had a great time.  The students were all amazing and you could really see their desire to gain a greater understanding of God’s word.

I spent a lot of time studying and researching for this teaching so that it would be really good for the students and it was amazing how God brought fresh revelation to me of  His goodness and his faithfulness to His stubborn people.  So thanks to YWAM San Jose for this opportunity.   When I teach I always wonder how it was, and I was wondering this time as well.   At the end of my teaching Melinda, who brought the school here to Costa Rica,  told Douglas,  who will be leading the school next year,  make sure to book Scott for next year, and not just for three days for a whole week,  and later she asked me,  would you be interested in teaching in Australia if we fly you out?  She said she would talk to the discipleship training school about splitting the cost so that would mean teaching one week in the BCC and one week in the DTS.  So basically all of this told me that my teaching went pretty well,   thank you JESUS!!!!


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