Wake up call

In the afternoons I have begun to take one of my kids with me when I go to work with the kids in the river.  It has been quite a shock for them to see how mean and violent these kids can be.  One day the kids were all making thank you cards for a team who had really helped them.  Kai, my oldest was making a card too.  Kai was almost done and writing his name when a little girl walked up, looked at what he had done and said it was bad and ugly!  I didn’t see it happen but I found Kai hiding in a corner close to tears.  He told me what happened.  I had to remind Kai that the words these kids use are the words that are spoken to them everyday by their authority figures.  The sad reality is that they find it far easier to say mean things then nice.  I told him that everyday at least one kid will tell me I am stupid or ugly, but that same kid will climb in my lap and let me hold him for a long time.  They are only expressing what they know.


One Response to Wake up call

  1. Cindy Farrell says:

    Scott you are truly making a difference. Good job brother!

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