back to rehab

I had the opportunity last week to go to a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center.  Another guy and I shared our testimonies of how God set us free from drug addiction.  Being with all of these guys brought back so  many memories of what it was like for me coming off of the streets a drug addict with no hope and how in that place God broke through in my life in a way I never would have believed.  One of the things that was so impacting for me when I was in rehab were the people who came and shared testimonies of how God changed their lives against all odds.  This was my first time back to rehab in nearly 16 years and I hope that my testimony impacted some of their lives and gave them hope that with God change is possible.  It was so good to be reminded of all that God brought me out of.

One Response to back to rehab

  1. Serena says:

    I remember some of those times when I’d bump into you at your parents’ place!!! (back in the day)! DO YOU?! 😀 Crazy, man!

    I seen you then & I seen you now. All I can say is… LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE! And I see what he’s doing.

    All I can say is, AWESOME!
    Hope all is well.

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