a day at the river

Yesterday I was at the River playing with some kids there. They kept jumping on my back and hanging on there. It is  pretty hot and tiring having kids jumping on you like that so I thought that I would try a new strategy to get them to stop.  Every time a kid  jumped on my back I would swing them around to the front and rock them like a baby and sing them lullabyes and say that they were my baby and it was time to sleep. It worked really well and the kids would be scrambling to get away.  They quickly moved on to doing other things but when they had all gone away one little boy came back and looked up at me and said ” su bebe” (your baby) so I picked him up and rocked him and sang lullabyes to him and the entire time he was so still and just looking up at me, man, I had to really fight back the tears to see this little guy who was so starving for affection, it was so unexpected, I was really caught off guard.


One Response to a day at the river

  1. Cindy Farrell says:

    The Light of God shines brightly in you Scott. We all love you sooooo much. We are so proud of you and Leslie. I will never forget the love you showed to my son. The time, effort and love you and your family have given to my brother is paying off! He is doing very well and it is because the ones who love him NVER gave up hope. God Bless Us All!

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