Jaco update

It’s been two weeks since we moved to Jaco and so much has already happened.  For the first six months here I’m working with 4 children at risk school students helping coordinate their outreach and working alongside them.   We’ve started a basic schedule of working Tuesday through Saturday and taking Sunday and Mondays off.  This seems to work well and already so many opportunities are before us.  We’ve been working twice a day with a poor community in an area called, “El Hueco.”  We call it “The River” because this is a poor community that sprung up along a river that flows into the ocean.  We’ve been connecting with churches here and one church called “Radical” has asked us to lead their youth group for the next 5 weeks while their youth leaders are on a trip.  This is a great opportunity to get to know the youth and build relationships with them.  Many of them are youth that live in the river community.  We’ve also helped with a kids club in another poor area that is run by a calvary chapel church.  Each day from 4 – 6 one of us opens up the skate ramp at Christian Surfers and on Wednesday nights there’s a bible study and many youth come to skate and hear a lesson from the Bible.  You can read below about some other ministry we’re getting involved in as well. It feels great to just jump right in and get to know all the wonderful people that are already working here and the wonderful things they are doing.  There  are so many needs and I have lots of ideas about work to do long term here.  Please pray with me, because I want to be intentional and the most effective I can be here.  I have not committed to anything long term here yet and I am using this time to pray and seek God about what He has for me.  In the meantime I am getting out there, building relationships and loving every minute of it.   You can read first hand experiences from the students by checking out their blogsites:

Amanda Maune

Emily Taylor

In family life the kids are doing great and adjusting well.  Homeschooling makes that a lot easier because we just keep right on with school as normal.  Part of being a missionary means going to the crazy places and living there to minister to those in need.  We know that and it’s part of the life we’ve chosen.  In each situation we trust God to protect our family and meet our needs.  We’ve been blessed with a great place to live.  It’s a complex with 4 units adn we have some interesting characters living here, each with their own story I’m sure.  On Thursday night it was an eerie night.  The power went out in the middle of a lightning storm and one of our neighbors began to shout profanities at the top of his lungs.  That was a little disturbing.  Then our landlord who lives above us began shouting back and pretty soon they were threatening to shoot each other and naming the specific guns they owned and things like, “see you in hell.”  It was pretty freaky.  Someone called the police, but the shouting continued even as the police were there.  Meanwhile without fans running it gets stifling hot in the house.  Sleeping was not even an option at that point!  I continued to stand at the window and pray for peace .  I’m just sharing this situation to give you an idea of the kinds of things we’re coming against here and so you can pray for us.  It’s definitely a crazy town but we can rest in the truth that there is no safer place to be then in the center of God’s will.



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