Jaco Here We Come

Yes, that’s right.  You heard it here first.  We are MOVING!  This is something that we’ve been praying about for over a year now.  After much prayer, research and investigation, we finally feel that this is the time to GO.  We have had a fruitful two years with YWAM San Jose, leading several DTS’s and 2 Children at Risk Schools.  Working with young people in discipleship and training them to reach children at risk has been such a blessing for us.  It was not easy to make this decision to leave.  We love the work we do here and we are sad to leave so many of the wonderful friends we’ve made.  But, we really feel this is the right step for us and the right time to move forward into a new ministry.  Thank you for all your prayers and support through this decision making process!   The good news is we’re only  moving about an hour away!  We will still be “YWAMers” and under the covering of YWAM San Jose, working as an outpost or satellite ministry.

5 Children at Risk School students have decided to do their 6-month internship in Jaco with us!  We  are so excited about this and will spend our first six months coordinating and overseeing the 6-month outreach.  This will be a great time for us to network and build relationships with the people already living and working in Jaco.  We will come alongside churches and projects in Jaco to serve and learn from them.   We are all about networking!  We feel it’s the best way to get started in a new location.  Before jumping in and starting any new ministries, we have to meet people, find out what the needs are, find out what’s being done, and then we can determine the best way to move forward most effectively.  We’re excited we can spend our first six months doing just that.

For those of you that don’t know about Jaco – it is one of the top destinations for sex trafficking and prostitution.  Poverty, drugs and crime also mark the town.  At first glance, the town can appear attractive, but just below the surface it is a dark place in need of light and hope.  Local youth and children are only in school half a day (if they go) and have no safe places to go afterwards.  There are so many needs and lots to be done here.  We truly desire your prayers!!!

Read our update here

8 Responses to Jaco Here We Come

  1. Annie says:

    Yeah! Thanks for sharing! That’s so exciting, while a little bit sad at the same time. New beginnings I think always have that mix. I’m looking forward to hearing about what God does in Jaco. Isaac told me he was doing his children at risk outreach there.

    It’s so good to see the whole team. And, not only did the little boys get haircuts- Scott did too! Scott, I barely recognize you!

  2. Janna says:

    This is very exciting – good job on your decision – let us know how to pray. You look like a great team – very good. I am happy see Issac is with Jaco team. I am moving to Portland on March 29. Its great the base is sending you out. Blessings on your move. We’ll be praying.

  3. Wittys says:

    Praise the Lord for leading you clearly! We rejoice with you in this new call and pray for you all as the Lord works in each of your lives to prepare you for Jaco! Loves and continued prayers! John, Laurie, Jack & Violet

  4. Matt whitlock says:

    Oh man guys I am soooooooooo stoked for you! This is such a PERFECT fit for your family!

  5. esepa says:

    Awesome you guys. Can’t wait ot visit and see how God is using you all!

  6. Tim V says:

    That sounds really exciting!

    Take care of my little bro (Daniel) there, but I’m pretty sure he can take care of himself.

    God bless you and your family in your new adventure.

  7. Krystyn says:

    Congratulations on your new plans and good luck on your move.

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