In their own words…

We’re over halfway through the lecture phase of the Children at Risk School here in ywam sanjose.  We thought we’d let you see first hand what students are learning, doing and discovering with us.

“…The facts are devastating. The stories broke our hearts, and it was difficult to emotionally handle the intensity of such a terrible topic. I became aware that Costa Rica is called “The Thailand of the West” in reference to the exploding numbers of tourists that come here for vacation and to enjoy legal and available prostitution. Because Costa Rica is such a safe and convenient country for Americans and Europeans to travel to, and considering its beauty and attractions, it has become a top destination for sex tourism. This means that the trafficking of women and children in and out of San Jose and different beach towns around the country is at an alarmingly high number.”

click here to read the rest of Emily’s post entitled, “God’s Extraordinatry Simplicities”

photo by Pablo Jimenez

“This week was full of hard questions and inspiring ideas. We were probed to dig deeper inside ourselves. We learned how to ask the right questions and conduct research that will help us develop projects and create change…Something Dave said this week was that the excuse “I don’t have any personal responsibility,” has killed millions of people. When we look around at issues in the world and hear the stories, but simply say that it doesn’t affect us and not do anything about it…we are killing people. People are dying, because we just aren’t doing anything about it. “It’s not my responsibility,” or “I have my own life to worry about,” or “I’ve made a way for myself, why can’t they do the same?” When we don’t do anything about child prostitution, human trafficking, poverty, child soldiers, violence, racism, gangs…people are dying. This is our responsibility, our call as Christians and as people, really.

Read the rest of Amanda’s article, “Questions” here.

“This weekend most of the CRS class went to Jaco to do some prep work for their outreach there. Scott, our school leader also went, leaving Leslie with the boys. Being the wonderful, nice person that I am, I volunteered to help Leslie with the kiddos this weekend.”

Continue reading about Becky’s weekend with Leslie.

“During the week we studied many cases of ministries and people who tried with good intentions to look out for children who were at risk, but either were not fruitful, or made some major mistakes.  In most cases, many of the people who began ministries, and walked out their “word of the Lords” did so with poor planning and research. They failed to see what other ministries in the area were doing and why. And they failed to know the culture before asking the people of the community to “buy into” what they wanted to do.”

continue reading “Be smart and LOUD” here

Amanda talks about our upcoming 6-month outreach and writes about what she saw in Jaco:

“It was hard for me not to get absolutely disgusted. I don’t even know how to describe what I saw. There were old men, young men, middle-aged men. They were mostly white, completely drunk and absolutely obnoxious. They were being swarmed by girls prostituting themselves, some sitting around, some heading off in Taxis with the girls.  I wanted to punch those men, in all honesty.”

Read the rest of this post, “Outreach”  here

photo by Pablo Jimenez

Becky says, “…the motive for why I do what I do, is because He is worthy of my life and when I do what He has called/gifted me to do, it brings Him pleasure. Any other motive, just isn’t good enough.”

continue reading, “Because He is worthy” here


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  1. That is terribly heartbreaking!!!

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