Two weeks in

We are now finished with the second week of the children at risk school.  We have nine students from Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, South Korea and the USA.  It is amazing to see these guys come to this school where already we have covered some tough topics and they are all totally engaging.  Even as we examine some of the horrible things happening to children they are not shrinking back.  Looking into the issues affecting children is a painful, overwhelming thing and each one of us has to run to God.  In Him is the only way we can handle it.  It’s too painful, too big.  So please be praying for this time for each of these students.  The following photos are of Isaac, Anthony and Pablo giving presentations during class.

Also, we have been given an amazing opportunity to partner with Casa Viva (see the post below).  Every Wednesday we will be picking up a family of five siblings who are living with five separate families.  We bring them together to a central location so they can have some time together.  This Wednesday was our first time and it was amazing to see how much these kids love one another.  We are so glad that we can bring them together once a week for the rest of this school.  The students also have other opportunities to work with ministries to children here in Costa Rica.  This Saturday they worked with Metro Ministries an outreach to at risk children.

Each student has created a children at risk blog site where they are writing several updates each week.  Click on the names below to find out more about what exactly they are learning and experiencing:

Becky Davis

Hyang Kye

Emily Taylor

Amanda Maune

Isaac Montero

Amanda Noyes

Anthony Gutierrez

Daniel Vanderpyl

Pablo Jimenez

Rachel Grimes (staff)


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