Here is an email we just sent to our prayer partners.

Our Prayer Needs

December 2009

Dear Prayer Team,

Thank you for standing with us and praying us through 2009.  With your prayers and support we are able to look back on this year and see so much fruit and success.

Looking ahead to 2010 there are difficult decisions we are facing and we are asking again for your prayers.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”
Proverbs 15:22


As most of you know we’ve been praying about and researching the situation in Jaco, Costa Rica and considering moving there to live and work.  The idea is to reach out to the children and youth in that area who are at risk of falling into drugs and prostitution that is so prevalent in the town.  We are feeling like we need a team to be able
to start and we’re not sure how to move forward or if this is the right direction for us.

Here in San Jose we are running our second children at risk school at University of the Nations and we would like to see this course offered each year.  As of yet we do not have anyone to take over the school and continue running it.  Several staff are interested and we are considering running the school one more time in 2011 with the goal to see a leader raised up to continue running the school in San Jose. We’re asking the Lord if we need to stay another year to see this project through to become sustainable before moving on.

Another option opened up while we were in Puerto Viejo this month.  We have gotten to know a couple who live and work out there and they spoke with us about considering working with them.  It is a very similar situation to Jaco with a lot of similar needs.  This couple has been there for several years and after assessing the situation
they started a project – they have built a skate park in town and started a small church, but they are in desperate need of more people, especially reaching out to the children and youth.  There is lots of potential for work in this area and we could start right away.

Which is best?

So we have before us several choices – each one is good, but which is the best?  We also have a deadline to make a  decision – we have to be out of our current home by April 15 because the owner wants to move back in.  So we have pressure to make a decision quickly.

Please pray for us.  We welcome any input or encouragement you may have for us.


Looking back at 2009 we are amazed at the financial provision we received.  We faced some big hurdles and we are closing the year debt free – what a blessing!  This year we want to look ahead and plan and try to avoid the added the stress of financial strain.  We want to live in a way where we are not falling short each month.  We know that if God is calling us to this missionary lifestyle He will provide for our daily needs.  Here is the budget we have put together for 2010.

Monthly Needs:

Rent 650
Security and Maintenance Fee 150
Electricity 100
Water 30
Phone and Internet 60
Gas 100
Car insurance and maintenance 100
Asthma medication 200
Dr. visits 100
Food 500
Savings 50
Total 1940

Right now we are receiving about 1200/month, so we are short about 740 each month.

One-time Yearly Expenses:

Homeschool Curriculum 1,000
Health Insurance (emergencies only) 2,000
Car taxes and Inspection 1,000
Visit to U.S.A. 2,500
Moving expenses 1,000

Please pray for these needs and the areas where we are short.  pray that we will have faith, be encouraged and see these needs met in 2010.

Thank you so much for praying with us.  Please keep in touch!

Lots of Love,

Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezra, Jude and Koa


One Response to Prayers

  1. Aunt Kiddo says:

    My Dear Scotty & Leslie:
    My prayer, as well as the prayers of the congregation, are that God will supply your needs and undertake those needs you have listed, so that you can focus on your ministry and trust the Lord that He will fulfill your every needs.
    If I could I would send more but my medical bills are more than my pension can handle. I know you are aware of my situation.
    I sure miss “youall” and you are too far for me to drive to, or even “peddle my boat”. The picturs are awesome, expecially my nephews on foreign soil. So, hand in there as God will prevail (maybe not in our time) as I am constantly reminded.

    Love & Hugs for everyone.
    Aunt Kiddo

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