Answered Prayers

September 19, 2009

Recently we made the decision to begin homeschooling Kai.  It’s a new journey and I’m learning more each day about this process.  I’ve been trying to start the day with Bible – usually reading one of his children’s Bibles together.  Today we sat on the couch and I said, “let’s just pray together.”

There’s a lot going on right now at YWAM San Jose.  We have a new, larger property we’re moving into – by Sunday.  Needless to say, it’s a huge process moving a whole base.  And that leaves us as a family needing to decide if we will move too.  Right now we have a house just a few blocks from the base, which helps us create community and be more involved.  If we stay where we’re at we’ll have a pretty big commute with lots of traffic.  It’s hard to know what to do – do we move?  Prices are higher on that side of town.  We’re also still praying about moving to Jaco in April or May – do we move twice?  Plus add to this mix a new baby coming in November and family visiting.

So this morning Kai and I prayed together.  He asked a lot of questions about prayer – when will God answer, how will He answer?  How does God speak to us?  Wow.  So we had a pretty good talk about it all – how sometimes God answers right away, but sometimes we need to wait, but we’re trusting that He will guide us and show us what is the best thing for our family.  Then Kai started to cry.  I think maybe it was an overwhelming thing to pray about for him, and I asked him why he was crying.  He said he was crying because he wanted to move right now!  So, I told him it’s okay, and he can tell God how he feels and ask God.  So we prayed again and Kai told God how he felt and asked God if we could move right now.  (I don’t know why he was feeling that way or why he wanted to move?  I also questioned if he is too young to involve in these decisions?  Maybe it’s too much for a kid his age?)

Well, today my friend Mar, who lives around the corner and leads our base, called – she just found a great little condo for just the right price and they will be moving Oct. 5.  She said there was one more condo in the development.  She negotiated with them for the condo to see if we could get the price within our budget.  She negotiated several hundred dollars down for us and called to tell me that morning that we could go look at it and see what we think.  I called Scott and we quickly ran to look at it.

The place is perfect!  It’s a great size for our family, very safe and the same price we’re paying now. Scott and I just looked at each other and told the man we wanted it and we would move in immediately!  Kai was running around and absolutely loving it.  And we’ll live just a few houses down from another YWAM family and about 5 minutes from the base! We’ll be moving by the end of the month!

When we got home Kai was amazed.  We prayed this morning and God chose to answer our prayer by noon the same day.   I think maybe God did that just for Kai to show him a concrete lesson about prayer that he could experience.  I loved seeing Kai’s eyes light up as he said, “God answered our prayer fast!”  and skipped around the room clapping his hands.

I’m pretty amazed myself and very excited.  We have a lot of work to do, but it’s a new adventure and we’re ready for it!