Jaco Team


Surf Camp

Surf Camp

 Our team from the children at risk school has been living in Jaco for 7 weeks now.  They put on a surf camp during the school break, have been doing an after school club, and working with a tutoring program for children that live in an impoverished area by the river. They’ve been putting their hearts and souls into getting to know the children and youth of the town and sharing the love of Christ in many different ways.  Scott went down to visit this weekend.  He met some new amazing people working there and visited the church our team has been working with.  We are continuing to pray about moving there in the coming year.  Pray with us, because we still don’t have a clear answer.  There are also lots of exciting things happening here in San Jose, with the YWAM base getting a new property and moving hopefully by October!!! This is a huge answer to prayer as YWAM up this point has been renting two houses in the neighborhood and housing staff and students in cramped and crowded conditions.  It will be amazing to have an actual property to create a real university campus and it is the fulfillment of a promise and a vision.  Needless to say, we need clear direction as to what lies ahead for our family in the longterm.  For now, we’re super proud of this first children at risk school team and so thrilled to see and hear of the amazing work they are doing.


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