Birthday Madness

Among the staff on the YWAM base right now we have a total of 18 kids!  And 5 of them, including Jude and Ezra have birthdays right around the beginning of August.  If you think about having a group of 18 kids, that means for any birthday party or event – well, the guest list is set!  And before you even begin, you already have a LARGE party.  This year we collaborated as moms and came up with an “airplane” themed birthday party for four of the boys, we called it “Flight 2245,”  the numbers being the ages the boys are turning.  We had it at our house and opened it up to all staff and students.  With the creative genius of Sarah, the culinary talents of Sara, and the party house of the Freemans, it was a very special day for four very special boys, and they got to share it with their closest friends.  (and can I just say, it is waaay easier doing a birthday party with 3 moms working together!  It was a blessing for me especially because I’m just not having my normal energy level, but I still wanted to do something cool for the boys!)

Naomi helping Jude play bus, bus, airplane

Naomi helping Jude play "bus, bus, airplane"

Ezzy inspired to fly!

Ezzy inspired to "fly!"


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