Wednesday night worship





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  1. Aunt Kiddo says:

    Hi Freeman Family of 5 & 1/2:
    I started typing and suddenly the whole frame disappeared. I may have hit a wrong key – who knows. Any way, I just want to say how proud I am of you namely Leslie & Scott. To be able to live in an environment that is so different than what we are accustom to. It had to be the Lord to have made all the necessary arrangements, when required, and provided the funds to support the needs of your service. Genuine Volunteers.
    How are your funds that you need in order to pay for the upcoming C Section? I don’t have much since Jane is a mini earner while attending school full time for her Registered Nurse Certificate, which is next June, that’s if she doesn’t have to repeat a class. She is in an excellerated college. She had to repeat Algebra and all it entails because she basically “flunked” the test requirements and so she opted to make up the class, thus pushing graduation to June or September. I’ll sure be glad when she starts earning $$ as it’s tough living on my pension plus the $500? she earns as Home Health Nurse. But she can only have but a few patients because she lives, eats, drinks, and sleeps with her nose in the book. She best watch out or she’ll have a Pilipino plat nose like me. Anyway, are you still in need of funds for the doc?
    Arliss had called a couple weeks ago and asked if I had read the most recent report from Scott. I said no because I hadn’t received it, to my knowledge. I looked in the verizon email and yahoo email and NADA. By the way, the verizon email is used basically for business as I get so many yunk. The Yahoo is for person use like emailing family, close friends, and maybe a splash of certain vendor.
    I guess Arliss is already preparing for her travel, i.e., rain goloshes, hiking boots, bathing suit while in the rain, and an umbrella to protect the curl (all yoking aside). Wish I could go. Are you going to have room for both Mom’s? If you move into the condo I should be much cleaner than where you are/were. Wish I could go. I’ll have to wait until I can walk without any physical restrictions. When Jane gets me up in the morning for my first walk for the day to the toilet, my body is almost erect. But after about a few, maybe 15 min., I start slowly bending over to look at my feet. If only I could lose some weight, about 50 lbs., then I could do exercise with my legs and back. I fell so Lord knows if damage was done as I fell over my walker. I did not see the 3″ drop between the cement so I suddenly found myself falling on my walker. Now I get stabbing pains in my lower back. I’m just hoping and praying that my spine wasn’t injured. Since I have metal cage that holds my spine together (5 surgeries), my spine will not survive a fall – the worse I could do is become paralized.
    Keep me in your prayers for healing – sometimes I think God is too busy to hear my nagging prays, and those of my praying folks at church, so life goes on. I went to lift a gallon of milk and almost dropped it – tha would be an udder mess. Enough of my problems. Must go because my hands are numb and my fingers can’t feel the keyboard so I’m having to stop and correct typing errors.

    Love to you all,
    Aunt Kiddo

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