The Nature and Character of God

I am teaching this week about the nature and character of God.  What an amazing topic.   Just looking at how huge God is and yet how intimate he wants to be with us.   I’ve been doing lots of exercises so the students have to get in there and look in the Bible and figure out the answer for themselves, rather than me just telling them a bunch of stuff.  So it’s really awesome to see them just diving in there and doing it.   God has met me in the preparation and it’s been a really cool time of discovering new things about Him as I prepare.   These first three days have been awesome and I’ve been loving it.  The students are amazing.  Two days to go…!

Scott teaching

Scott teaching

Digging into the Bible

Digging into the Bible


One Response to The Nature and Character of God

  1. Ike Enninful says:

    YAH,YAH,YAH, bingo, God has done it again. Infact, I am very much proud of you dedicating your entire life & family for missions, oh, how I wish I am with you in person to enjoy this very wonderful blessings.
    God richly bless you& the entire school,please kindly extend my warmest regard to all the student& your wonderful family for me.
    Die Here sien,
    Baie Dankie.

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