A special day

I received a surprising call yesterday morning from my good friend and base leader, Mar.  We’re both expecting, so it’s been fun to talk baby and share our struggles and go through some of the same things together.  She’s having her third and her due date is the end of this month.  So she calls and says, “guess where I am?”  I’m so clueless and thinking, I don’t know, at the store?  “I’m at the hospital.”  “What???!!!”  Her water broke in the middle of the night and she had been at the hospital since about 2 a.m.  As soon as I found out they were starting a drip to induce labor, I called one of the dts staff, Anna, to come watch the boys so I could get to the hospital.  Here in YWAM we don’t have our families around us so we become family to each other.  I called a taxi and rushed down there as fast as I could.  I arrived about 10 minutes after she had the baby!   It was so fast.  I walked into her hospital room and couldn’t hold back the tears.  Mar looked absolutley amazing – and her baby girl, Tessa, is just perfect.  I spent a special day at the hospital just holding the baby, chatting with Sarah and letting mom and dad get some rest.  It was so peaceful and so special, a day I will cherish forever.  Seeing a new life come into this world and holding a sweet little newborn – not even hours old – in your arms is one of those amazing experiences in life that you never forget.   It will be my turn next… November 1st!  I can’t wait!

Welcome to the world, Tessa!

Welcome to the world, Tessa! We're so glad you're here!

Mommy and baby :)

Mommy and baby



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