Jaco Update

If you’ve been following along, Jaco is a town that is a hotspot for prostitution and drugs.  Children are daily being sucked into the sex industry, and we have an open door to begin a work focusing on prevention.

Right now is a very important time in the process of starting this project.  Over the years we have seen and learned a lot about project planning and development.  One of the best and most proven effective ways to start a ministry is based off of the felt needs of a community.  So many times outsiders come in and think they know what the problem is and how to fix it.  They start a project quickly, based off of assumptions, without sustainability, and the project inevitably fails – or it may be successful initially, but will not last for the long haul, or will not see true transformation in the community. 

God knows our hearts and He knows our family and He so amazingly sets things up for us.  It would be very hard for us to get to know the felt needs of the community and base a project out of relationships without living in the community first.  But, at the same time, we don’t want to uproot the kids and move our whole family until we know for sure we should start this project.

That’s why right now is such an important time and we need so many prayers at this very moment!   We have a team of six people who, as part of their children at risk internship, have committed to live in Jaco for three months with the purpose of conducting surveys, networking, building relationships, intercession and prayer.  They will be compiling all their research and making a report of their time there.  A huge part of our decision will be based off of what this team finds out while they are there.  We are so thankful to God for providing us these wonderful people with hearts to love and serve and we know that they are laying an important foundation for a work that will last, and that will see a community transformed.   Please join us in praying for them and asking God to ordain their time in Jaco.    

Scott with the Jaco Team

Scott with the Jaco team in our living room before they took off on Wednesday. From left to right: Elena, Renate, Jessi, Scott, Warner, Rachel, Suzanne

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