A beautiful gift

June 17, 2009

We were given a wonderful blessing this weekend…  probably one of the best gifts you could give our family… A weekend at the beach – in a beachfront villa nonetheless on the stunning Caribbean coast.  Some of the highlights included… watching Kai surf!  He really got into it and was standing up.  Playing in tidepools finding crabs, snails and shells.  Hanging out with the Cruce’s in their jungle home and playing at the beach with their two beautiful little girls.  The Cruce’s have a ministry for the youth of Puerto Viejo… including a skate park and home church and they’re in need of staff, email us if you’re interested in serving with them.  We even got to attend Makenna’s 6th birthday beach party, which the kids loved.   

There was one downside, unfortunately… Jude ended up getting really sick – a high fever and an intense asthma attack.  Scott ended up taking him into an emergency clinic at 3 a..m, returning at 6 a.m.  Poor little guy.  He’s all better now, but he didn’t get to enjoy the beach very much, and Scott and I traded off hanging with Jude in the “villa” and playing with Kai and Ezzy on the beach.  It’s pretty amazing that even with that, we really had a fabulous time as a family and created memories that we will cherish forever.

by the way, if you’re headed to Puerto Viejo, I highly recommend this hotel – perfect location!  www.villasdelcaribe.com

Here’s a video of our time:

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Kai’s First Black Eye

June 11, 2009

A Cultural Experience…

One of the things I love about the little school on the corner that Kai and Ezzy attend is how loving the teachers are.  It is truly evident that they really care for the children.  They end each day with a “besito” (kiss) and say “I love you.”  I know that my boys are loved there, and to me that is the most important thing.  

Kais first day of school in 2007, he is loved!

Kai's first day of school in 2007, he is loved!

Fast forward to Sunday night –  Kai and Ezra were running around before bed.  Next thing we knew they ran right into each other; Kai was going full speed.  Ezra went flying, but Kai was the one crying and clutching his eye.  We knew he was in some serious pain.  He cried for maybe a minute or two, then whimpered.  His eye was immediately purple and started swelling up.  We got him some ice, evaluated the situation – it looked like a bruise, nothing broken, and the pain was not that serious.  He was playing again in no time and we had to work hard to keep ice on it, because he had already lost interest! 

Kais first black eye!  What a stud

Kai's first black eye! What a stud

Monday morning arrived and we got the boys ready for school as usual.  Scott dropped them off and headed to the YWAM base, I was home with Jude.  Within about 40 minutes of dropping the boys off I got a call at home from the boys school.   It was Kai’s teacher.  She informed me that upon seeing Kai’s eye they called the paramedics.  An ambulance showed up at the school and they inspected Kai’s injury.  The teacher said we needed to pick him up immediately and take him to the hospital!!!

Hmmm… I called Scott to see if he could pick Kai up, and he did.  The teachers met him at the gate, full of concern.  One teacher was crying.  Scott informed them that he would take Kai home, but he would not take him to the hospital.  He said he grew up in a house of 4 boys and they got hurt all the time, and Kai was fine.  (All of this communication is of course in Spanish!)  They were all deeply shocked and very upset and concerned.   I am sure they think we are the most horrible parents.   Kai was a little confused about everything that happened and all the attention.  As we sat at home eating sandwiches, I told him I was sorry all that happened to him.  He told me it was ok and reassured me, “They weren’t trying to kill me or anything, they were just looking at my eye.”  Phew.  Good to know.  I asked him if his eye hurt and he told me no, it didn’t hurt, “Unless I push real hard on it.”   So I enjoyed my time with Kai at home and put more ice on it.  The swelling went down and it’s just a bruise now.  He went to the school today and the teachers did realize that he is fine.  One even apologized to us.  Really, the situation is so comical to me!  But overall I just think the teachers are so sweet, even if they did overreact just a little!

Our Update

June 3, 2009


 Our update for April and May is out.  You can click the link below to see it.  We send out un update each month – short and sweet that just gives highlights of the month. Email us if you want to receive it:  fivefreemans@gmail.com.  It’s a great way for us to keep in touch and we’d love to be able to share our news with you 🙂

April/May Update

16 weeks today

June 2, 2009


This is the size of our baby right now – a little avocado!  We’re 16 weeks and everyone wants to know….  will we have a boy or girl??  And what are we hoping for????  It’s a tough question, but in all honesty, we are really happy with either.  Having boys has been so much fun.  Watching the three of them play together and interact, wrestling like puppies in a pile – I think it’s hard to imagine how a girl will fit into all this action!  Only God knows, and we will too, in just a few weeks, we’re really excited to find out.  Of course the boys all want another BOY, of course.  Today Ezzy asked, “When will the baby crack out of your tummy?”  hmmm… interesting, he may need a little explaining, but not yet, we’ll just let him think the baby will crack out like an egg for awhile longer!  Ezzy also really wants to name the new baby “Shark Boy.”  Jude is now pointing to his own tummy and saying, “baby, baby.”  So I guess he thinks since I have a baby, he must have one too.  It’s just too much fun! 

A Lasting Legacy

June 2, 2009


Arliss and Floyd Freeman

Arliss and Floyd Freeman

50 years of marriage is definitely an accomplishment!  And one that deserves a huge celebration!  Scott’s parents, Floyd and Arliss Freeman celebrated 50 years of marriage this year.  Their anniversary was actually in January, but the celebration was held in April… especially so we could be there!  We couldn’t miss it for the world.  Staight

Willy, Scott and Jeff sing to their mom and dad

Willy, Scott and Jeff sing to their mom and dad

 after we sent our first children at risk team to Colombia, we boarded a plane ourselves and headed for California for the big fiesta.  Over 300 people attended and guests traveled from far and near.   It was such a special event.  Specific people shared how Floyd and Arliss have touched their lives, several sang or performed in their honor, including all three of her sons. Scott kicked the event off sharing how his mom and dad prayed for him in faith all through his years on drugs and he sang a special song of thanks to them.  By the end the microphone was opening up and people were sharing funny stories and laughing.  A special video slideshow showed them through the years.  It was amazing to see the fruit from the lives of two people committed to God, living for Him, and the incredible impact they have made on this world.