Freeman Family Prayer Need
Jaco, Costa Rica
February 17, 2009

Dear Prayer Team,

We’re  writing this email because we desperately need your prayers right now. 

We know as a family our mission and call is to work on behalf of children at risk.  This has been clear to us for years now.  Right now we are working in training and we know that this is a valuable piece of the puzzle.  But, in addition, we’ve carried in our hearts the desire to start a project and do something tangible to make a difference for kids at risk. 
God in His good and faithful timing has been leading us on this journey and preparing each step.   He has focused our attention on Jaco – a beach town famous for drugs and prostitution.  Hundreds of prostitutes live in Jaco Beach, forming 5% of the population and hundreds more come in from out of town on the weekends – it’s Jaco’s biggest industry and it is everywhere. Jaco is also one of the hot spots in Costa Rica for drugs – which are readily available on every street corner.  Child sex trafficking is not as visible, but is known in this area.
The idea we talked about as a staff team was focusing on prevention – keeping kids from getting sucked into this industry.  We had talked about a community center and some ideas for that.  Scott went down to Jaco on Jan. 30 to talk with our base leader Giacommo’s aunt – Dona Betina – who lives in Jaco.  He met with her and the mayor and other leaders of the city.  They all expressed to him their desire to see something positive for the kids of the town – and more specifically a community center.  They were asking Scott if he could start something like this.  They were describing exactly what we had talked about.  There is currently no existing ministries focusing on children – nothing being done!
Jessi, Rachel, Leslie and Erica took a little exploratory trip this weekend, Feb. 14 – 15 to pray and talk.  We walked the main strip and saw some heart breaking things.  Bars packed with prostitutes, people on drugs, and children on the streets. We drove through some of the poor areas where people live just praying and dreaming about what we could do. 
We have lots of ideas and a tentative plan that is still being developed.  But more than anything we need prayers right now.  There are kids living there at this moment that are at risk of being exploited and abused.  Their life track is taking them straight into the world of drugs, crime and prostitution.  We want to make a difference, we want to show them another way – the love of their Father God, who has good plans for them – blessings and not curses. 
We believe He’s given us a glimpse of what is to come, and we need your prayers right now to discern if this is the right step and if this is what He has for us.  We want to be people who “count the cost.”  We do not want to fail, we do not want to start something that cannot be continued.  The stakes are high – we’re talking about children’s lives – and we need to be clear and walk straight. 
Thank you for praying,
Scott, Leslie, Kai, Ezra and Jude


3 Responses to Jaco

  1. I will be praying. It’s exciting that God may be opening some doors and that he’s put the same idea of a community center into many different people’s minds.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey guys! We’ll definetly be praying for this next step! Keep us posted!

  3. Amber says:

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